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Making a negative

1. Scan the print you placing it in centre of scanner

2. Use 300dpi which is usually the default setting

3. Select colour (you don’t want colour as it’s black and white image but it gives a better quality print)

4. Save as a jpg

5. Highlight file and right click

6. Open with Microsoft office picture manager

7. Edit pictures

8. Brightness and contrast (on right hand side of screen)

9. Mid tones – use to darken (might need to save and then do again to make darker)

10. Save as 2nd image eg Sid2

11. Highlight and right click again

12. Select paint

13. Select rectangle and outline = ‘none’ – fill with solid colour (and this should be white)

14. Use rectangle to fill found image with white (this is because outside of the image you want to make a negative of will be discoloured and you don’t want any colour as this will affect the quality of the negative)

15. To help clean up image increase the magnification and use rubber to remove any smudges

16. Select drop down menu and right click on image invert – this is what gets you the negative type image

17. Open a Word document – insert – picture – select your image

Tip – check you page setting is 100% (this means what you see will be what prints out)

18. With your inserted image reduce image size down (use the cutter you have selected to make sure you get it the correct size)

19. Crop image so you don’t waste any black ink

20. Copy and paste so that you have two copies

21. Make sure you have the correct acetate for your printer. If it’s an inkjet printer the acetate has a rough side for the ink

22. Print image onto the acetate; make sure you select best quality

Tip – put white paper on back of acetate (rough side up), cut off bit you’ve used. White paper on the back sometimes helps the printer recognise there is something there

Tip – don’t change colour of background of image as this affects negative

23. Cut negatives out of acetate. Tip – don’t cut black edges because these help you line up the two images (you need two negatives to make it blacker/darker) and then selotape the images together